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7 Indoor plants for your home

Indoor plants bamboo palm

Ivy Décor & Design’s Tammy Holmes hints that these days, you have no excuse for not having plants in your home. Apart from the many plants that work well indoors, manufacturers are also getting better at making faux indoor plants.

Imagine having a 2.5m-high olive tree in your home, without the admin of having to water it daily! “It gives a sense of being in and amongst nature,” says Holmes.

There are, however some plants that work better indoors than others. So, Tammy has been so kind to share her list of go-to indoor plants with us.

Apart from being obsessed with rose plants which house owners can later plant in their gardens, Holmes also likes big plants. Yes, she says go bold with big pots and baskets with established plants like olive trees, palms or even Fiddle Leaf Figs.

Furthermore, Holmes says indoor plants don’t always have to be green. You can bring in indoor plants of different colours, which will keep things interesting.

Here are Tammy Holmes go-to indoor plants:

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms are an exception to the rule when it comes to potted indoor palms. In contrast to most indoor palms that need bright, indirect light, these palms thrive in low light conditions.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig indoor plants

It’s lush, it’s bold, it’s gorgeous! Also, it’s testament to your good taste when it comes to home décor! Keep in mind, though that these plants can be a bit finicky and it might take time to adapt. Therefore, best is to give it ample bright, indirect light and mist its leaves regularly to encourage humidity.

Delicious Monster

Delicious monster indoor plants

Delicious Monsters like bright light with no harsh sun. These plants can reach up to three metres in height as a house plant.

Pothos group of indoor plants

Pothos group of indoor plants

Probably some of the easiest indoor plants to have in your home, these plants can be planted indoors throughout the entire year. While they like bright, indirect light, they can also thrive in low light areas or even spaces with only fluorescent light. Ultimately, these are your go-to indoor plants for offices and dorms in addition to your home.

Calla Lily

Known also as an Arum Lily, these are beautiful indoor plants that will bring colour to your home. Although they are beautiful, it’s important to note that they are poisonous, and they need at least six hours of indirect sunlight. They’re also very fond of water and aren’t great with long dry spells. 


Philodendron indoor plants

While they thrive indoors, they do like an occasional shady stay outdoors too. When indoors, place them in bright, indirect sunlight and see them thrive.

Faux plants

Don’t omit faux plants. In fact, Holmes uses them all the time. Fake banana palms for the win! While she gets them wholesale, she recommends Block & Chisel and @Home’s faux plants. “They mustn’t look shiny,” says Holmes. “It needs to say real touch to look like the real deal.”

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