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Budget-friendly family activities for Valentine's Day

Budget-friendly family activities - Jesse Rockowitz

Valentine’s Day can be quite a costly affair. When you consider the cost of hiring a nanny when you have kids, even more so. We’ve compiled a list of super cute, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas to inspire the perfect family date night. After all, this year is a leap year, which means you’re really encouraged to do things a little differently in 2024.

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Valentine’s Day ideas for the perfect budget-friendly family date

Valentine’s Day falls on a week-night (read: school night) this year. That means that both you and the kids will be preoccupied during the day. It also means that both you and the kids have obligations the following day. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of cute Valentine’s Day date ideas for families to enjoy together.

Family feast

Budget-friendly family activities - Sargento

Prepare a festive meal, set a love-themed table and really make it something special. A family favourite is always a winner but perhaps, in the spirit of doing something out of the ordinary, you can try something new. If you have the tools, homemade pasta is always a good idea. Alternatively, homemade, heart-shaped pizzas will most certainly satisfy a Valentine’s Day appetite. Additionally, make a point of involving the kids too, even if it means washing salad ingredients or licking the batter off a spoon.

Family picnic

Budget-friendly family activities - Josue Michel

Taking the family feast idea a step further, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden and good weather, an alternative to a love-themed table setting could be a love-themed picnic. An array of finger foods and mini sandwiches might be easier for this sort of setting. Whatever you do, make sure you have at least two types of chocolate options and perhaps some heart-shaped cookie cutters (like the ones in this post) to cut the sandwiches into hearts. 

Family movie night

We love the full cinema experience, don’t get us wrong, but enjoying a movie from the comfort of your own home is just that: Comfortable! Pick a cute Disney classic like Beauty & the Beast or Gnomeo & Juliet – something the kids will enjoy too. Homemade popcorn is an absolute necessity. Plus, perhaps an assortment of sweet treats like Woolworths Dusted Jelly Babies and some Chuckles

Family game night

Budget-friendly family activities - Marin Tulard

If you’re the kind of family that likes to play together, a family game night could be the perfect way to enjoy Valentine’s Day together. We’re thinking less Playstation and more Pictionary. Perhaps even charades. The idea of ditching the screens for something more interactive and creative is what we’re going for with this suggestion. To add to the fun, have every participant choose a prize from a bag of treats so that everyone’s a winner.

Family storytelling

This one’s a little unconventional, but totally worth your consideration. If you’re already the sort of parent that reads to their children, this is an opportunity to share your favourite love story. If your kids are already at reading age, you could all take turns reading the story together. What we love most about this idea is that it can double up as a lesson on healthy displays of affection and acts of love.

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