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Discover The Terrace restaurant, serving Mediterranean cuisine, just thirty minutes from Joburg

The Terrace Restaurant

Nestled on a picturesque farm, in Mulderdrift, Terrace is more than just a restaurant; it’s a carefully crafted escape where guests can immerse themselves in a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavours and European charm. Inspired by a desire to create a unique space, Terrace invites patrons to dress up, savour favourite cocktails, and indulge in unforgettable tasting experiences, fostering a “long lunching” culture that sparks inspiration and excitement.

The restaurant’s theme beautifully encapsulates a love for Mediterranean cuisine and European aesthetics. The intention is to transport guests to a coastal town, evoking a sense of holiday bliss. In an area where most establishments embrace a rustic, “country” vibe, Terrace stands out by elevating the experience, encouraging patrons to dress up and plan a full day out in the countryside.

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The menu philosophy

Terrace’s menu philosophy revolves around simplicity and tastiness. With a fondness for Spanish Tapas and a familial connection to Greek cuisine, the menu showcases a curated selection of dishes from around the globe. Emphasizing engagement, the restaurant encourages patrons to order multiple small plates, allowing them to sample a variety of offerings. Signature dishes such as Yaya’s “Diablo,” Arrabbiata Pasta with optional burrata, fresh tuna skewers with miso dressing, and chicken Caesar croquettes are a testament to Terrace’s commitment to a memorable food journey.
Ingredients play a crucial role in Terrace’s culinary narrative.

Sourced from local and international suppliers, the focus is on using the finest products that enhance each dish. The Vegetable Garden on-site provides herbs and vegetables, while seafood comes from the freshest possible suppliers.

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Relax in a sophisticated atmosphere

Creating a unique ambiance is integral to Terrace’s vision. The aim is to cultivate a relaxed yet sophisticated environment where patrons make the effort to dress suitably and settle in for the day. The playlist, a blend of Groovy house and Chill-out Ibiza beach tracks, complement the atmosphere. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s philosophy that “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication,” the decor is crisp, uncluttered, light, and chic. Cacti and plants contribute softness and warmth, ensuring guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Terrace Outdoor Patio

The Terrace places a strong emphasis on community engagement and customer feedback. In addition to monitoring dining platforms, the family-run business ensures direct engagement with customers, providing a friendly face to check in. The hands-on approach extends from service to taste and comfort, with the owners striving for a memorable dining experience. With a commitment to keeping their finger on the pulse, Terrace aims to create a culture where every customer leaves feeling appreciated, satisfied, and happy, fostering a community of regular patrons.

GROUND The Venue, Plot 19 Driefontein Rd, Muldersdrift

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