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Encourage Reading in Children and Continue The Reading Legacy

Encourage Reading in Children

Children’s Book Week was celebrated nationwide between 5 and 11 May 2024. But, we’re all for encouraging children to read well beyond just Children’s Book Week. Kids across South Africa dressed up as their favourite book heroes, and we’re so excited to know that children still find magic between the pages of a book. By encouraging children to read, you inspire a bookworm and continue the legacy of reading. 

The magical world of books is where adventures await and imaginations soar. It’s the perfect place for children to learn language, stimulate their brains and to create good habits. The love for reading should be illustrated to kids by parents and caregivers. So, take a page out of children’s book week and inspire bookworms to continue the reading legacy. Embark on a journey through pages and find out how you can keep the legacy of reading to and with your kids below. Let’s encourage children to read again! 

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Read It Over and Over

Even if it is the same book, let your child read it, understand it and familarise him- or herself with the story. This builds confidence and encourages them to do it more often. Furthermore, it will encourage them to expand their range.

Encourage Reading By Connecting it To Reality

By asking what the book they’re reading is about, you’re making it real. Ask your child what the book is teaching them and make it relatable to everyday life.

Make Reading Part of Free Time

Beat TV time with a good book. Let your child create a world of their own with the use of their imagination and a good read. You can enforce this by not watching too much TV around them. Rather read (and lead) by example. 

Encourage Reading Through Praise

We can’t stress it enough. Let your child know how proud you are of them for reading, for overcoming the tougher words and for their progress. Additionally, if they struggle, don’t get mad or frustrated. Rather guide them in the right direction and help them on the reading journey. This can only encourage them to want to read more.

Level With Them

Don’t shoot too high. Allow your kids to read at their own pace. Allow them to progress. We recommend reading with them in their category and let them ask to level up. You can gauge their understanding by asking them questions every few pages.

Try New Methods

Your child can read by playing games too! Let them try crossword puzzles and word searches. This is also a stimulating way to match definitions to their respective words. 

Create a Reading Nook

Nothing inspires reading like a reading nook – a safe and comfortable space to enjoy a book. Include this in your children’s creative corner and watch them glide through the reading material available to them.

In nurturing a love for reading in children, we embark on a journey of boundless imagination and endless discovery. By following these strategies – being reading role models, creating immersive environments, offering diverse book choices, and making reading interactive – we empower our children to embrace the magic of storytelling. 

These steps will help cultivate a lifelong passion for books. Remember, patience and support are key as every child journeys at their own pace towards becoming confident readers. 

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