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Lilja Hastie Jewellery is local design that speaks to a global market

Local jewellery design - rings

Founded in 2021, Lilja Hastie Jewellery is a local premium fine jewellery brand that specialises in creating striking pieces from precious metals. All jewellery is handmade, with  unique designs that incorporate precious and semi-precious stones. With vivid storytelling at the heart of their operation, LHJ designs sparkle with local pride, but speak to a bold, forward-thinking global market. We caught up with the incredible Lilja Hastie – founder, designer and owner – to chat about her thriving business.

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Interview with Lilja Hastie, founder and designer of Lilja Hastie Jewellery

Local jewellery design - Lilja Hastie

HL: Can you talk about your relationship with jewellery design and briefly share your journey with us?

LH: Jewellery design is the medium my soul chose to allow me to fully express myself creatively. I’ve tried so many other disciplines, yet nothing got me as interested and obsessed as jewellery did. I was very lost when I finished school. I found jewellery at 24 and it was the first time I excelled at something. I enrolled at Tshwane University of Technology and followed formal training in the craft. My love is in the design process – I didn’t know I would love this craft as much as I do!

Local jewellery design - Journey collection

HL: What does jewellery design - specifically your own brand - allow you to express?

LH: I’m always trying to tell a story. When I was little, my favourite games always involved characters. Initially, these characters were a group of Barbies, each with their own distinctive traits. Later I made a game of all the Greek Gods & Goddesses and I’d be obsessed with each of them having a defining factor about them. Later it was Marvel characters. These characters fit into a story, a series, a complete something. When I design, there’s a feeling of freedom and wonder because I’m busy creating one of those – a group of characters that fit into a bigger picture.

HL: Looking at the South African jewellery landscape, what are the trends you’re seeing for 2024?

LH: I honestly try my best to keep one eye closed on what everyone else is doing. I find it stifles my design process. I try to keep my thinking and headspace authentic to what I’m feeling creatively. However, the way we live our lives, with so much access to social media, my algorithm is purely jewellery. It’s hard not to see what others are doing. I think trend-wise, people are going for unconventional shapes and ways of stone-setting and moving away from the classic solitaires. At least that’s what my algorithm is trained to look out for. It could be that creatively, I’m drawn to the unconventional.

HL: What is your algorithm telling you about trends on the international jewellery landscape for 2024?

LH: I do find myself fangirling over international designs that use loud and bold colour enamels. Enamelling [disappeared] for a long time but in the last few years, with new developments in technology, there are innovative ways of applying this technique to jewellery pieces in ways we have never seen before. The pavè diamond halos are out and stone clusters of different shapes and sizes are in. Organic lines are much more present in designs rather than the traditional style of engagement rings.

Local jewellery design - custom ring designs

HL: What can you share with us about your plans and goals for Lilja Hastie Jewellery for 2024 and beyond?

I’m working on something at the moment that I’m so excited about! I can’t say too much, but it has to do with a bridal collection that I have coming soon. Although I frequently design custom engagement rings, I’ve never actually released a bridal catalogue. I have big plans for this sector of my business and can’t wait to finally share all that I’ve been up to!

Immerse yourself in Lilja Hastie Jewellery’s beautiful designs by visiting their website. Follow LHJ on socials to stay up to date with their exciting jewellery journey.

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