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Review: A stylish toothbrush for every smile

Ordo electric toothbrush review

The oral care industry is brimming with electric toothbrush options – some more affordable than others. There are many reasons for opting for electric rather than manual, including quality, elegance and eco-friendliness, not to mention the benefits when it comes to gum and oral health.

Ordo’s founder and CEO, Barty Walsh says according to recent statistics, one in two people in the UK suffer from some form of gum disease. Therefore, there came a need for affordable oral care with an improved design that is also environmentally responsible. For most, affordability is key and Walsh says: “We aim to make these essential products accessible to as many people as possible.” Ultimately, the commitment to blending science with attainability and style resulted in the launch of the Ordo brand.

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A review on the Sonic+, tried and tested

Since Ordo is all about representing innovation, effortless elegance, top-notch quality and affordability, we wanted to see what they’ve got. Herewith then, an honest review.

Ordo’s bestselling electric toothbrush is the Sonic+. It is available at Clicks stores nationwide and following a good two months of using it, we can attest that it certainly lives up to its promise.

The lightweight toothbrush boasts a battery life of over four weeks. In addition to that, it comes with multiple technological features like four brushing modes (clean, white, massage and sensitive), as well as a helpful two-minute timer with a quad-pacer. Impressively, it operates at 40 000 sonic pulses per minute.

We found it easy to use and the charging station is not only trendy and elegant, but also user friendly and convenient. While you might have to adjust the way you hold your toothbrush (to prevent you from switching it off while brushing), the fluid dynamics for thorough interdental cleaning make up for it twofold.

charger ordo sonic+ review

The dentist-approved toothbrush cleans properly between your teeth and we can honestly say that our gums and overall oral health feel much improved after using the toothbrush for more than 60 days (and counting).

If the aesthetic is your main purchasing influencer, you’d be happy to know that the Ordo Sonic+ comes in four stylish colours too. This includes the trendy Pearl Violet option exclusively available at Clicks, as well as charcoal, ivory and a beautiful rose gold.

Ordo Sonic+ colour options

Products that care

In addition to the Sonic+ Toothbrush, Ordo offers a range of products including mouthwash concentrate, a reusable mouthwash bottle, a complete-care toothpaste, floss and interdental brushes. Through the use of recyclable and reusable packaging and lightweight liquid transport, Ordo is also dedicated to reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions – something that we value and appreciate.

Further to its availability at Clicks stores, you can also find Ordo at leading online retailers like Gooralcare.com, Takealot.com and Smileshop.co.za.

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