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Top 5 unconventional workouts in Cape Town

Top unconventional workouts - Ivana Cajina

Are you’re the kind of person who enjoys going to a traditional gym? Or, perhaps the idea of an unconventional workout gets your heart racing with excitement. Whether you’re ready to step into the ring and fit on a pair of boxing gloves or you’re intrigued by the thought of swinging upside down from a pole, Cape Town is full of exhilarating options for you to try out. We’ve compiled a list of our top five alternatives to the traditional gym.

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The Armoury Boxing Club, Woodstock

A good old-fashioned workout with no pretences, Armoury Boxing is a gym that specialises in boxing training. They focus on technique and conditioning, an excellent option for anyone aiming to improve their boxing skills and overall fitness. Armoury Boxing offers personal training sessions as well as group fitness classes. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of taking a blow. Many members refrain from full contact, opting for professional training only. It’s exhilarating enough as is. Check out their schedule and book a class here

Contact: 021 461 9141
Location: 160 Sir Lowry Rd, Buchanan Square

Roark Gyms, District Six

A Roark Gym workout is all about using different training methods to exercise different parts of the body. Regardless of your fitness level, it’s about pushing your body further than you knew you could in an encouraging environment, guided by industry professionals. Workouts are 60 minutes long, every workout starting off with a thorough 10-minute warm-up. Furthermore, you have the option between group classes and personal training. Roark Gym offers female-only workouts for those who’d feel more comfortable and welcomed in such an environment too. If you’re curious but not ready to commit, you can book your first session for free here.

072 340 2081
47 De Villiers St, District Six

Up Pole & Aerial Fitness, Fish Hoek

If you want to get fit but traditional workout routines just don’t do it for you, you might want to consider pole fitness. The first couple of weeks of pole fitness will see you feeling the burn, even in muscles you weren’t aware you had. Expect unique strengthening and toning exercises that work your upper body, your core and even your legs. It’s hard work, but it’s fun. What’s more is that you’ll start seeing measurable results before long. It really gets exciting when you can start turning all the spins, tricks and transitional moves into dance routines. Check out their schedule here and sign up for the class that matches your level of experience. 

Contact: 082 472 3931
Location: 138 Main Rd, Fish Hoek

SWEAT 1000, Sea Point

Top unconventional workouts - SWEAT 1000

For starters, the ‘1000’ in Sweat 1000 refers to the number of calories you’ll burn in a single 60-minute class. Secondly, SWEAT is an acronym that stands for: Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training. Simply put, the workout combines components of interval training, functional training, athletic training, core stability work and agility training to provide a full-body workout. Classes are set up in an ever-changing circuit that they adjust daily. Music pumps over powerful speakers while the trainers motivate you to keep going and to push yourself harder. It really works! 

Contact: 021 439 9903
Location: 76 Regent Rd, The Point Mall Shopping Centre

Pride Fighting Academy, Gardens

For over two decades, Pride Fighting Academy has been operating as a successful world-class mixed martial arts training facility. They specialise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA and combat sports conditioning – all excellent options for anyone wanting to improve their fighting skills and overall fitness. Additionally, they also offer yoga (for rehabilitation purposes) and women-only classes. All of their trainers are experts in their respective fields, so you know you’re in capable – and potentially lethal – hands. Check out their schedule here to pick your combat style. 

Contact: 082 660 2129
Location: 66 Roeland Street, Roeland Square

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